My Life; Uncovered

Megan. 23 years young. Aquarius. Softball player. Adventure seeker. I love life and I love myself. I'm on the lookout for the silver linings in life. The hidden blessings. I've grown up immensely, but I'm still a kid at heart. I see the good in everybody. I'm making 2014 my year. Follow me, and see what I'm all about :)

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Tear* but yes. This is exactly me right now.

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I’m not giving up on love.
I just need a break from it
because I was so inlove with someone and I let them tare me apart into a million pieces and I apologized to them for the mess I had made


can i please just kiss you once so i can stop wondering what your lips would feel like on mine

Perfectly said. 👌

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Happens to the best of is. Lol

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Stuck between wanting rough sex and sweet sensual cuddles.

I haven’t been in love

Or felt truly loved in almost 3 years. That feels like a long time…

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